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Dec 20, 2022

In this last episode for 2022 Lee discusses holiday gifts that job seekers should give to themselves and others.

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Dec 6, 2022

When the day before Thanksgiving rolls around, you might be tempted to shut down your job search and enjoy the holidays. Nothing will be going on until the first of the year, you presume. Not so fast! There's nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays, but you do need to stay engaged in your job hunt.

Many companies have...

Nov 22, 2022

The days of 15, 20 or +25 years with the same company are pretty much a thing of the past, yet many people choose to put their head in the sand, assuming they're job is secure until they choose to leave. This approach leaves people shocked and even distraught when they receive the news that their position has been...

Nov 8, 2022

"I keep interviewing, but can't seem to land the job." This is a common frustration among job seekers. In this episode, Jane and Lee discuss:

  • The importance of knowing and sharing your "why"
  • The three things that every interviewer wants to know about you
  • Why you shouldn't take the "obituary" approach to...

Oct 25, 2022

There's no subject we're more familiar with than ourselves, yet most job seekers struggle to respond to "Tell me about yourself."

Lee discusses how to effectively respond to this commonly asked question.

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