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Jun 8, 2021

Visionary architect and renowned theme park designer Steve Tatham takes on the greatest design challenge of his career: you! Using the unconventional methods learned over decades spent within some of the world’s most secretive creative dream factories, he is going to transform your CAREER with his surprising and original advice.

Steve Tatham designs happiness. He has created some of the most memorable and well-known theme park experiences in the world. An award-winning Walt Disney Imagineer, Steve worked on every single Disney theme park prior to Shanghai Disneyland as both a designer and writer. He was recruited to lead the design team at Universal Studios Japan in 2014 and remained there for four years until he got the call to lead the creative efforts on the multi-billion dollar Epic Universe project Universal Studios currently in development for Orlando, Florida. As Universal’s Vice President and Executive Creative Director, he oversees all aspects of the project’s creation. He is the author of book “Repuglicans,” published by Boom Town Press and selected by the Village Voice as one of the year’s 10 best comics and graphic novels in 2010. Steve performed for many years as a stand-up comedian, appearing on “A&E’s An Evening at the Improv,” and as one of the hosts and comics of “Free Speech,” a Los Angeles-area live stage show that grew into a regular radio show and TV pilot. He is an internet pioneer, having begun one of the world’s first daily video blogs, “The Ointment,” back in 2005. The daily news comedy broadcast ran for two and a half years and in recognition of the show’s impact, Steve was profiled by CNN and the Huffington Post and selected by LA Weekly as one of the “People of 2008.”  Steve has a Masters of Architecture from UCLA and a Bachelors in Film Design from UC Berkeley and resides with his wife, Mary and their dog Lucy in Orlando, Florida. His two children attend colleges in the northeast. For more, visit:

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