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Dec 5, 2023

When the day before Thanksgiving rolls around, you might be tempted to shut down your job search and enjoy the holidays. Nothing will be going on until the first of the year, you presume. Not so fast! There's nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays, but you do need to stay engaged in your job hunt.

Many companies have their next year budgets and projects in place and are recruiting people to start work in January. Looking in January is too late for jobs at these companies.

  • If not hiring in December, many HR groups are lining up candidate connections to get off to a good start come January.
  • Fewer job seekers try to find jobs during this period, so competition is not as intense. You will have an easier time standing out from the crowd NOW.
  • Casual networking opportunities abound at holiday parties, in shopping lines, and other places where people gather.
  • Although a little more elusive because so busy, people can also be more generous with their time and conversation when in the holiday mood.

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